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Returns Policy

Method return and exchange the products that you buy from conducted in accordance with the provisions contained in the Return Policy (Return Policy) set by bebe Love, the products you buy. In general bebe Love only accept returns on defective products, we do not accept returns due to a booking error, which will be returned must be in new and unused condition. For products which comes with a warranty seal, make sure the warranty seal intact.

bebe Love facilitate the process of return or exchange a product you purchase by providing the Return Policy page. Return Policy page provided, you can report the products that you want to change with providing photos and a short description of the product within 1 × 24 hours from the time you receive the product. The report must be accompanied by an onsite Order Number (order number listed in the Order Summary you receive after completing the order process).

After the Return Request (Return Request) is received and processed by your Customer Service Center we, then our customer service will contact you by electronic mail addresses (email) or telephone to confirm your Return Request. Return Request If you are approved, Customer Service will provide information on the method of delivery of the product being returned. we do not serve to transfer back the money you want to return the goods but we divert you to buy with our other products